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New Domain!


Sorry this is a little late but I just wanted to let all my loyal blog readers that I haven’t stopped writing,, I’ve just moved to a new site! With the help of Rita @ Blog Genie, I have a brand new, very perty, very professional looking page! Please head on over to the new Nurse with a Purse and add it to your readers!!


Love y’all! 🙂

xo, B

Wordless Wednesday: Race Pic Edition




5 words to describe myself

  • Strong
  • Energetic
  • Runtastic
  • Sassy
  • Determined

4 favorite foods

  • Ice cream, usually in Ben&Jerry’s, DQ, or McFlurry form
  • Pizza King (+ breadsticks & nacho cheese)
  • Popcorn (optimally with butter & salt, but usually the light variety)
  • Cassata cake!

3 things I’m proud of accomplishing

My Anthropologie Gals

2 favorite workouts

  • Running
  • Yoga

1 thing to expect from my blog

  • Smiles. I live my life with one, so as to best reflect my life, my blog should represent a big ol’ toothy grin 🙂
Thanks for the inspiration, Mindy!

Indianapolis Women’s 1/2 Marathon Race Recap


Check out this medal!

Yup. I earned that 😉

My alarm sounded at 4am, and after one snooze, I started suiting up for my 7th (holy moly) half marathon. I don’t even remember when I signed up for this race, but it had to have been sometime back in the winter or spring, before I knew any better. I’m not sure if it’s good to do many races during marathon training. But this race in particular turned out to be perfect for many reason, on which I will elaborate.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

One (of the many) thing(s) I love about the Perfect Strangers is our email chain. I can always count on receiving an email early in the week for the upcoming weekend run, which then sparks a plethora of responses. Thru this or last week’s chain, I found out that a few of the girls were also signed up for this race, so we made arrangements to meet up and run together. Amy and Meghan had 18 miles to complete, and I was just coming off injury, so the 3 of us decided to make this run like any other training run. Christi was the only one of us who really wanted to race it. Turns out that ALL of us were in the midst of some sort of injury: Amy – bursitis/hip, Christi – IT band, Meghan – hip/groin, and me – PF. I properly deemed us the injured quartet.

After the hour drive south, I made it to the Hilton at Monument Circle by 6am. I had to pick up my packet/ race bib and find somewhere to park, hence the extra allotted time and early departure. The parking turned out to be a breeze, thank goodness, so I made my way over to the Hilton to grab my gear and make a pre-race potty stop (thanks coffee!).

Low number = early sign up

I then made my way out to the circle in attempts to find the gear check, the PS meeting place. I had some time, so I walked around and took a few pics.

Monument Circle

I must’ve made 3 laps around the circle looking for the gear check, when Amy called and directed me to a little random van in the middle of the street. We made our introductions (I had never met Meghan or Christi), snapped our standard pre-run pic, then “lined up.” More or less congregating in the street. We were all pretty un-enthused about this race, since we didn’t actually want to race. We planned on maintaining a leisurely 10-11min/mi pace and seeing how things went with our hurting parts. Plus, Amy and Meghan had already knocked out around 5miles prior to the start. PS,, 35 days til Chicago!!!

Amy, Meghan, Christi, & yours truly

To put it bluntly, the weather sucked. Humid and hazy as can be before 7am. We had had a nice stint of 70 degree temps earlier in the week, but Mother Nature decided to punish us over the holiday weekend. Typical.

The horn sounded at 7 on the nose, and we were off. Christi went on ahead while the rest of us lingered behind. The race had water stops every mile, which was nice. I usually don’t take water for the first 3 miles since I drink a bottle pre-race. HOWEVER, the earlier water stops were miserable. Warm water, not enough volunteers handing cups out, making for a lot of congestion and ewie-ness. This was not the day to have anything less than cold H2O. We were already scripting our angry post-race survey at mile 2.

Our pace was good. No, our pace was great. I can’t even tell you how many times Amy and I said how unbelievably nice it was to “not give a crap” about our pace/ time/ performance. We had conversations without gasping for air. We stopped at a pink porta potty around mile 4 (appropriately timed with our standard McD’s stop on the Monon). We just really enjoyed the experience. We all went without music since we had each other’s company to fill our ears. Maybe it was because it was an only women’s race, but the other runners were so darn friendly. It was so fun to listen to other runner’s stories, what they’ve run, what they’re training for, etc. It really makes the time fly. There were also some great male cheerleaders on the sidelines. One red-shirted man in particular, who I think we saw a total of 5 times? I don’t know for sure, but he definitely got our attention the first time he yelled out, “I love you baby!” Promptly followed by a round of applause from the lady-runners. He was a winner from there on out.

I loved this course. Amy and I talked about how un-pretty the Mini course is. Today, we ran through downtown, over the canal, past IUPUI, down 38th street to Fall Creek. At least I think that’s where we were! I gave Amy an earful with all my Indy geography questions. It was just nice to run through cute neighborhoods as opposed to Pitareas (see Mini recap 😉 ).

The water got a little colder and the water stations became a little better staffed as the race went on. As we approached the finish line, we were handed little American flags (for Labor Day Weekend). Amy and I (hopefully) scored a few sweaty end-race pics and crossed the finish line with a solid time of 2:22. Are we competitive? Yes. Are we happy with that time? Not really. But did we care that we ran much slower than we’re able? Not today. Today’s run was awesome.

I’ve really gotta give props to the organizers for the awesome post-race party at City Market. We were immediately handed purple swag bags, roses, and little gift bags with coups. After our professional pics were snapped, we made our way to the refueling stations. Orange slices, waters, and bananas. Yes please. But what is that line over there to the left?? Free beer, mimosas and bloody marys??? YES please!! To clarify, we did stretch and eat our healthy goods before grabbing some booze. But it didn’t take long to sample some of each. Hey, we deserved it.

All of us girls gathered around a pretty green table and decompressed. Sweatily, that is (if that’s an acceptable word). Amy passed out her Wheaties Fuel (yum, btw), while the rest of us chatted like we’ve known each other for years. It’s amazing how quickly bonds are formed simply while logging miles.

When the clock finally struck 11am, we walked over to Kilroy’s Bar ‘N Grill for more fueling. This time in the form of beers and breadsticks. I don’t need to elaborate much, the pictures do the talking (ps,pepperoni-filled).

There was talks of cobblers, running playlists, and birthday parties. There were tons of laughs and smiles all around. We just genuinely enjoyed the day and each other’s company. I’m so lucky to have found a group of girls, all so different, yet all with similar goals and determination to rock out a marathon this fall. Nothing’s gonna stop (us) now.

See y’all next weekend for 20 🙂



In the process of achieving my PDR, I found myself experiencing some of my very first aches and pains of marathon training. While running some shorter distances in the weeks prior, I had felt a occasional twinge of pain. Nothing big, but enough for me to take notice. No way did I want to be sidelined with an injury so close to Chicago. So I did what any nursey gal would do: RICE. For non-nurseys, this acronym stands for:





I also threw an Aleve in the mix every now and then.  Up until my 18 miler, the hooves didn’t give me much trouble.

That is, until PDR day.

Around mile 12 is when I started to feel it. The nagging, achy discomfort in the posterolateral region of my left foot. While it didn’t hurt too terribly bad while running, it reared its ugly head the second I started to walk. The entire rest of the weekend I found myself limping around trying to avoid any heel striking, which only worsened the pain. Welp, I thought, it’s finally happened. I’m injured.

Plantar fasciitis (aka PF). Probably one of the most common running injuries. It is commonly caused by drastic or sudden increases in mileage, poor foot structure, or inappropriate running shoes. These scenarios can overload the plantar fascia, or the connective tissue that runs from the heel to the base of the toes (source). For me, I felt (and still feel) that my shoes were the culprit. I had changed from my faithful Mizunos to the Saucony Kinvaras back in the winter while training for the National Half Marathon.

I have LOVED these shoes. They’re lightweight and more of a minimalist shoe. I have had very few aches and pains and have achieved many a PR in them. The pinkies above are my second pair as a matter of fact. However, over the past month or so, I have felt as though my feet have been striking the ground much harder than they used to. It doesn’t necessarily have everything to do with my shoes. It could be because I’ve been a bit of a slacker in the core/ strength training department. In any event, I haven’t exactly felt like I’ve been running on clouds.

Back to “injury day.” Luckily I had to wear heels all weekend for the wedding I stood up in, giving my heels a bit of a break. But I immediately knew after that run that a break would be mandatory. According to my running sources, there are a high number of injuries at this time in marathon training. The runs are getting longer. Bodies are becoming more and more depleted. Surprised was I? Not really. Bummed? Absolutely.

I took 7 days off from running. Those days included a lot of RICE therapy. I’ve formed a relationship with my frozen water bottle, which I roll underneath my feet while watching tv. Tennis and golf balls are lying around the house (more than normal) so I can stretch out my plantar fascia every chance I get. Esp while drying my hair in the morning. I’ve also avoided wearing flats for the past 2 weeks at work (which is usually all I wear). Oh, and I’ve been eating Aleve like candy. All of these strategies have made a huge difference. My first day back on the road was last Saturday, and I made sure to take it slow, churning out just under 4 miles. It’s amazing how sluggish the body feels after such a long hiatus. But the most important thing I noted after that run was: I had no more foot pain!

This week, I made a special trip down to Indy to get fitted for some new running shoes. I had been looking at Newtons, whose creaters pride themselves on promoting a more natural running experience. However, my shoe-fitter at The Runners Forum steered me away as they take a long time to break in. With only 5 weeks left til the marathon, I was terrified of losing everything I had built til now. So I looked at other brands. I needed more support. After a long time trying out different shoes, I found myself going right back to my old faithfuls.

Mizuno Wave Riders

I also picked up one of these.

Call me crazy, but it works like a gem.

I love the new kicks. I’ve ran 5 + 5 + 3.1 miles so far this week and haven’t had any residual pains. I’ve continued to wear heels at work, just cause I’m nervous about doing too much flat footed walking. But next week it’s back to my flats.

Tomorrow, I run the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon, which will be my first long run since “injury day.” I don’t plan to race, I just plan to run. And enjoy. I even have a few Perfect Strangers to keep me company. I’m just so unbelievably relieved that my patience has paid off. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

So, hey. PF. Pfffffffffffftttt 😛

The Real Bri


I texted my best girl Samantha today in hopes of her sending some blog inspiration my way. I’ve been reading some darn good blog posts lately and after reading I often think to myself, “why can’t I write like that??” My posts typically revolve around my day to day activities, which I’m okay with and love looking back on. They’re just not so much insightful. I’ve been told I’m a good writer by some. And to a degree, I believe it. I just wish I had the skills of some most of my fellow bloggers. If you have a minute, read these posts below. They really inspired me this week.

I like to blog about running, family, and my puppy. I don’t always like to blog about my feelings. I do however like to believe that I’m open and honest with my readers. But I don’t always pour everything out on the puter for everyone to critique. Someday, maybe. But that’s not my norm. I hope that when I meet my blog readers one day, I live up to their expectations. I hope they aren’t disappointed with The Real Bri. I hope she is just like Blogger Bri.

I have no idea where I’m going with all of this. Maybe the feelings door on NwaP is finally starting to crack open. Stay with me.

The bottom line is that I want to be good at what I do. In all areas. Work. Family. Life. & now blogging. Unfortunately, I’m fully aware that The Real Bri has deficits.

I want to be an amazing NP. A person people can trust with their healthcare decisions. I get a lot of hugs and thank you’s for what I do at work, but I often times don’t feel like I’m doing everything in my power to make myself the best. What is stopping me?

I want to start a family but worry when the time is right. Is it ever right?

I want to be the best sister, wife, daughter and friend I can be. I hope that I’m doing a good job maintaining all of my current relationships. I know there are some that have gone by the wayside over the years, but why does it feel like it’s always my responsibility to do the maintenance work?

I want to be a marathoner but I worry about hitting that proverbial wall. At mile 20. On 10.9.11. What if I can’t finish? What will people think? I’m also worried about my fundraising. Will I raise enough money by race day? Why haven’t I heard from some people?

I want a pretty blog since I spend so much time here. I have expressed interest in hiring a graphic designer to help clean things up. I like the way it looks, but it could use some primping. I’ve also thought about changing my blog name but can’t seem to conjure up the creativity to make that change.

I want my writing to evolve. I see it happening to people all around me. What do I need to do to make it happen for me? I want to show substance but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. I know I have substance. It’s just putting it on paper that I have difficulty with.

This is all so very tangential. I’m sorry to confuse. I went into this post with one mindset, and now here I am all of a sudden feeling very vulnerable and exposed. Is this what expressing  your feelings feels like?

Rereading this, I seem to have a lot of wants followed by a lot of can’ts. Maybe that’s the first thing that needs to be changed.

News flash: The Real Bri = WIP (

Ps,, Sammy, I owe you a post.

Experience: Golfing Greenhorn


Since my wonderful hubby bought me this awesome set of golf clubs last night,,

,, we thought it would be prudent to put them to use today! Nevermind that the clubs are the only “gear” I own. Luckily, I had a nice pair of plaid bermudas just dying to be worn. I scrounged up some Pumas as they’re the closest thing to golf shoes I own. After lunch, we headed out to The Players Club for a nice little round!

We started on the driving range so I could get the “feel of things.” After a brief lesson on stance and holding the club, I started hacking away.

Ps,, this bag is only temporary. I’ve already scouted out a black Titleist with pink trim that will soon be mine.

After a half hour or so, we decided to continue the hacking fun and head out for 9 holes. Sure, why not! Nevermind that I felt like everyone was staring at my awkwardness. My little fins were tired from flopping around on the dry land (fish out of water, get it?).

We grabbed Gatorades and headed out.

I read up on the rules of the course as the hubs loaded up the bags.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, therefore the course was packed. We did a lot of waiting around for the first half, so I made the hubby take pictures 🙂

I wouldn’t so much say that I played an entire round today. I did a little driving (of the ball, not of the cart). Other times I just dropped the ball on the fairway and picked up from there. I used my pitching wedge a ton. Missed all the sandtraps, and only lost one ball in a swamp. My putt-putt skills from the pink elephant days miraculously returned. The only club I haven’t used yet is the rescue club. I feel like it’s still too mythical of a club for me to properly handle just yet.

In summary, the afternoon looked a little like this,

,, and a little like that.

Without a doubt, I have the worst form mever.

The thing that makes me most happy about learning how to play golf is the time I can spend with my hubby. And my daddy! It’s clearly a passion of theirs, so why not join in and see what all the ruckus is about?! And next time they have an outing, now the ladies can come along! So sorry, fellas!

Today was about practice. The range frustrated the heck out of me because I just felt so darn awkward out there. After some reassurance, I started feeling a little more comfortable, but I’m still a total work in progress. Being the perfectionist I am, I’m sure a lot of frustrating days are ahead of me. I’m going to look into lessons soon so I don’t pick up any bad habits right off the bat. Til then, I’ve got a good perfectionist teacher closeby 🙂