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As I sit here and watch last Friday’s Oprah Show, I am amazed and astounded by this woman’s generosity and heart. Take a listen to what she is doing (in this episode alone) to make wildest dreams come true ,,, She is buying and furnishing a house for a “warrior mother” who  lost all four of her limbs from a flesh-eating bacteria; she is buying Vera Wang wedding gowns and paying for honeymoons for dozens of brides-to-be; and she is paying off the student loans of a single mother of three who has had to work three jobs for the last 30 years just to survive. I mean, wow.

On one hand, I cannot fathom having the money that she does. But on the other hand, the way she choses to spend her money is out of this world. I try to donate to any and all fundraisers when given the chance, but we’re talking a few dollars here and there. This woman has donated millions. To say she is admirable is an understatement.

I have been lucky enough to sit in Oprah’s audience twice and her energy is unreal. Not to mention she can make anyone starstruck ~ she is truly beautiful.

Q4U ! If you had the kind of money Oprah does ,,, what would you spend it on ? Donate to charities/ buy a house/ expensive shoes ??

Happy Sunday 🙂

xo Bri

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  1. 09/19/2010 10:01 pm

    I am sad I won’t get to see her show in person.

    I hope that I would keep the same lifestyle if I won the lotto or something.

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