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Fall Yummies


Despite the fact that it was 85 degrees today, I was in the fall spirit all day long. After my spin class and 3.5 mi run, I got a fall-ish coffee (Starbucks toffee mocha ~ yum btw!), ate some candy corn (duh), went shopping for fall/ Halloween decor, and made a fabulous fall-inspired dinner for the hubs and I ! Loves it !

Sad news: I hear its supposed to be 92 tomorrow and unseasonably warm until later this week 😦 Can’t it just cool down already ??! I’m ready for sweaters, boots, and mittens ! Hopefully the weather will be perfect in Chicago for sibs weekend !!

I got a few prizes today ,,, a special delivery from Coach

A lunch date w/ my hubby (and his laptop of course)

I also (finally) picked up some frames for my @pubsof posters I got over a month ago. Look how awesome they look !! Can’t wait to hang em up.

Stomping Grounds !!

Our new home 🙂

I also picked up a little something for my Allie-Gator 🙂

A Gator 4 Gator !

We waited for daddy to get home before the unveiling.

Gimme Gimme !

My F A V S ❤

Dinner consisted of a three parts: marinated pork tenderloin, thyme-roasted sweet potatoes, and baked cinnamon sugar apples. Can we say Y U M ? !


Mama's apples

A Happy Husband

Wrapping up today with a glass of merlot & DWTS premiere.

Nitecap 🙂

Til tomorrow !

xo B 🙂

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