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Running: To Love or To Hate


I am a runner. There’s no doubting that fact. I have been a runner (officially) since Winter ’09 when I tackled my first 5k in Vegas. Since then, I have done numerous races everywhere from a 5k to a half marathon.

Now,, the question. Do I LOVE running? That’s a loaded question.

I’ve gotta say, I love that running has turned me into a fitness freak. Lately I have morphed into a girl that I don’t recognize half the time. And I don’t mean appearance-wise (although I am quite proud of the toned bod I’m sporting 😉 ). I mean, I am now the girl who is up at 5am, heading to the gym for spinning followed immediately  by a outdoor run. I don’t know what has possessed me to do these 2-a-days. Perhaps it is the aquisition of a new running friend? Maybe the drive to kick the Freep Half Marathons a** ? The love of shopping for new gear (hello Lululemon, Garmin, Running Company !!) ? I’m not sure what it is,, but I’m kinda diggin it all.

The actual act of running is more of a love/hate relationship. I love getting going. I always take off at sub-8 minute miles. I love the wind in my hair, blah blah blah. But ask me at mile 3 or 4 if I’m still a happy runner ? Not so much. I always hit a wall around there that makes me question whyyyyy I’m putting myself through this torture. Though my times have dramatically improved since starting running almost 2 years ago, I still struggle out there at times. Now,, when I’m DONE ? Thennn I’m elated. Always. Like today,, I rocked out 21 miles/ 65 minutes at spinning, then drove myself to the Greenway and knocked out another 4 miles. I knew I had to get outside and run vs jumping on the treadmill because when I’m outside and I run away from my car, there’s only one way to get back to it 🙂 Treadmills are too easy to give up on,, plus they’re boring.

So,, from all of this jibber jabber comes a couple conclusions. Yes, I am a runner. But no, I don’t love running (all the time). However, I think that the fact that I’ve stuck with running says a lot. It says I’m dedicated to improving my performance, I’m goal oriented, and I’m concerned about my health and fitness. I want to better myself, and by running, I am doing just that !

Not to mention I have gotten my dad and various friends into running, and now they are all running the Freep half mary with me in less than 3 weeks !! That makes my heart smile 🙂

My cousin and I after the Country Music Marathon, 4.24.2010

Q4U !! To all you runners out there,,, tell me about your relationship with running. Do you love or hate it ? What about it do you love/hate ?

xo, B 🙂

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