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Work is a Jerk


I think I’m gonna try this impromptu blogging thing from now on ! I tend to get this overwhelming feeling of exhaustion just moments before I plan on writing a post. Is this normal ??

Last spring, while living in Alabama, I applied to/ interviewed for/ and landed a casual part time job as a family nurse practitioner in a retail setting. The place I work is a walk-in clinic where people ages 2+ can be diagnosed and treated for various acute illnesses, such as sinus/ ear/ upper respiratory infections, skin disorders, strep throat, etc etc. I had dabbled in this kind of healthcare when I was in Michigan and since it paid well and I enjoyed it, I figured I’d set it up as a side job. After moving to Indiana, I began my search for a full time job closer to home (the retail clinics are anywhere from 30-75 minutes from home). I was fortunate enough to find a full time position at the local hospital and I’m now in the credentialing process. I haven’t had to go through this process before, but from what I understand, it is long, daunting, and can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months. SO !! I am trying to work as much as I can at my part time job before my full time one starts. Make sense ?

Since I’m a part-timer, and essentially a floating NP, I have had to travel to about 5 different clinics in the Indianapolis area over the past few weeks. Each one is different, but has the same essentials needed for us to do our jobs. It’s a cool gig really. I get to see all kinds of different people, of all different ages, with all different kinds of probs. I enjoy what I do for this reason. Nursing is always an adventure.

So, as I’m sure y’all have heard, it’s flu season. And if you’ve watched TV or listened to the radio at all, you know that every drug and grocery store in the country is giving flu shots. Well, that includes me since I work in a drug store ! I’ve never worked during flu season before and (to put things into perspective) the last time I worked retail health, the max number of patients I saw in a day was about 10. Yesterday: 45 total patients ,, 9 were sick visits and the rest (aka. 36) were flu shots. It was insano. I also work 12-hour shifts during the week, with a lunch break from 130-230p. So when the proverbial lunch bell rang yesterday, I was verrrry ready to eat. But every time I went to the sign-in area to flip my sign to say that I was on break and would be back in an hour,, another person was signing in to get their shot ! Needless to say I didn’t get to eat until about 315 😦 I’m not a big fan of anyone or anything that messes with my lunch time, so that made my day just a bit more stressful.

Today, I took total advantage of my day off ,, sleeping in, running a few errands (including scoring a pair of dri-fit capris for my race on Sunday !), and getting in some Oprah time. Now I sit and wait for hubby to get home so we can hit up the gym then refuel with some homemade tacos.

I leave you with a pic from my first official regular season Colts game on Sunday 🙂 xo !

Go Colts !

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