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One Busy B


Gahhh ! Where to begin ?! These past few weeks have been crazy,, so here’s a lil photo recap for yall.

In my last post, I told everyone that I was headed to Vegas. Well,, we went, we stayed, we conquered ! It was a fabulous trip full of family, food, shows, spas, dancing, drinking, and gambling.

Our amazing suite @ Aria

Mom & me in front of the patisserie

Pool Aria

I'll take 3 please !

Hubs & I

I think he's rolling the dice too much ,,,

Good times !!!

UFC night with the birthday boy !

Dinner b4 Le Mystere

My favorite game ! C'mon Oil Spill !!!

The only issue we had this weekend was our flight home. Our initial flight leaving Vegas was delayed by an hour, causing us to miss our connecting flight in Salt Lake City. Since my husband had to be back to work in the morning,, we had no choice but to take a red eye home. So, we ended up back tracking to LA, then onward to Indy. We got back home @ 645a 😦

This past Friday night, our friends Blue & Carrie came over with their kids, Hudson and Harper. They were en route to Michigan and thought they’d half their trip from Bloomington by staying with us in Muncie. It was a quick trip, but a fun one. I love those kids 🙂 Makes me get the baby bug a little,,, (don’t worry honey !!).

Sleeping Babe 🙂

Saturday morning after our guests cleared out, we headed north to Michigan for our good friend’s annual Halloween party. I had to do a little begging to get Nick to go because this would be our third weekend away in a row. He and I are just plain exhausted at this point. But we made it up by 330p, headed to BlackFinn for drinks and the Michigan State football game, then home to get ready to go out ! We met at Marc and Kelly’s house for a lil pizza beforehand. I LOVED all the costumes !

They're expecting !!

Nick & I as Huff & Doback 🙂

Carli & Zac

After the pre-party,, we headed over to the real deal.

My best girl, Kelley. I miss her !!

Carlos !!!

Boats n' Hoes

Overall, it was another awesome weekend. We returned to Indiana Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of Halloween lounging around (I may have watched the Sister Wives marathon on TLC,,, just sayin). No kiddies either ~ guess that’s what happens when you live off a county road in the sticks !!

Tonight we plan on heading to a friends house in Indy to watch the MNF Colts game ! I might even throw on #18 for kicks !!

I leave you with my favorite song at the moment. It came on at the gym today and I seriously wanted to stop working out and fist pump 🙂  Happy Monday !!

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  1. Ricky Moceri permalink
    11/01/2010 5:39 pm


  2. 11/02/2010 8:32 am

    Loved the video! Jersey Shore is by far one of the most entertaining shows. I’m from Pennsylvania and I can definitely say that quite a few Jersey natives are like that haha

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