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Bundle Up Baby !


I feel so good (!!!) 😀

Today was my first run outside since my half marathon on 10/17. I have been nursing a little tendonitis in my right foot since the race so I hadn’t been in any hurry to get back on the pavement. My first run run was on the gym treadmill earlier this week where I kicked out a 5k. Since I didn’t have any post-run pain, I figured I was good to go! All that Aleve and rest really DID help !!

I was up early this morning (well, 8a for a Saturday is early to me) for a phone conference for work. To get me through, I helped myself to a generous cup of coffee with a lil white chocolate mocha creamer, mmm. After the call, I tooled around for a bit before deciding it was time to get moving ! I got all bundled up (btw,, I LOVE my Lulu running tights), charged and applied all my gear, and got on the road !

Heyyyoo !

There’s one major problem with outdoor runs around my house; no sidewalks. We live off a county road in central Indiana, which means I get to battle traffic everytime I want to run close to home. It’s not much fun, but it keeps me alert. I usually run with my iPod shuffle, but I tend to keep the volume low when I’m on these roads so I can listen for oncoming vehicles. There are a few subdivisions where I can duck into and avoid the craziness, but I still have to run the county roads to get there. What’s your biggest obstacle when it comes to outdoor running??

The second I got outside, I knew it was gonna be a good run. I’m not used to running in the cold, and from what I can remember, every time I’ve done it before (and we’re talking college days here folks,,), it has hurt my lungs. Clearly I wasn’t properly conditioned back then, because I didn’t have any trouble breathing today. Sure it takes a few minutes to get acclamated to the cold, but once you’re going, you’re good !

So, funny story. I’m running along, about 2 miles in, and I look down at the road and see a small furry shadow right at my feet !! I look down and there’s a little Pomeranian (?) pup jumping at my feet ! He/she was a friendly little thing, and it almost looked like it was lost. I reached down (after pausing my Garmin) to check it’s collar, only to find that it wasn’t wearing one. I panicked momentarily and tried to figure out what I was gonna do with this little guy. As soon as I started walking towards a house nearby, the dog’s owner came flying out of the house across the street and started calling for the dog. I was SO relieved that I wasn’t going to have to track down the owners of the pup. God only knows how long that would’ve taken. The dog’s daddy thanked me and apologized for interrupting my run and I told him I was just happy that the dog belonged to him ! And I was back running. Sidenote: I still don’t understand why people don’t have a collar/ ID tag on their dogs. You never know when your furbaby could run off, and then what happens? I can’t even imagine it happening to me. I love my pup too much to risk losing her out of pure ignorance.

Anyhoo ! My run was fabulous. I finished 5.2 miles in 44 min ~ splits: 830/822/829/830/840/849.

After breakfast ,,,

Scrambled eggs w/ orange peppers

,,, I texted my Dad and told him that we need to schedule another race. He concurred 🙂 Does anyone have any [fun] upcoming winter half marys (midwest please!) ??

Off to clean up then do a little car shopping with the hubs ! Have a happy happy Saturday !!! 😀

xo B

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