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Merry Merry!


Happy Christmas!! Can you even believe the big day has come and gone so quick?? I know I can’t.

Well, our weekend was a complete whirlwind of events. Follow along with me, won’t you??!

It all started Friday with a half day at work (the ghost-town I encountered forced this into half day, which was fine by me!), followed by a 2 hour drive north to the in-laws. Once arriving, puppy in tow, we exchanged gifts with the parents as well as with eachother. I surprised the hubs with a new iPod Nano, a couple of dress shirts, a Colts fleece, and a gift cert to the nearby golf course. And he, being the fabulous man he is, surprised me with a new 13″ MacBook Pro!!! As a matter of fact, I am using the bad boy right now, and lemme tell you,,, I am in l.o.v.e. 🙂 From the in-laws, we received a new shop vac, some wine, clothes, and a beautiful necklace for me! We are very spoiled. We returned the favor by buying them their very first laptop, which officially puts them in “cool” territory! That evening we spent at the husband’s grandpa’s home , eating, White Elephant-ing, and visiting with the extended fam. Great times all around.

Christmas morning!! Question to my beloved readers,, does anyone else (over age 25) have trouble sleeping in on Christmas morning?? I swear, I am such a kid at heart. Every year, I wake up with giggles and butterflies. It’s hilarious to me, that after so long, I’m still so enthused by this holiday. Someone please tell me it’s not just me!

Santa Paws 🙂

Moving right along, my sister in law and her 3 boys came over and we all enjoyed a nice lunch together, followed by more present opening. Hubs enjoyed himself by torturing his nephews, which he does so well 🙂

Brendon 1st,,,

Jadon next 🙂

Allie helping Daddy open his presents

Love for my girl

Around 130p,, we loaded the truck back up with our new goods and continued our trek north, this time to the mitten. It was a nice seamless 3 hour drive, and basically snow-free (which makes me happier than any of you could imagine). Our first stop was just outside Detroit, where we had our traditional Christmas dinner w/ my Mom’s side. We had a lovely time, with fabulous food and drinks, and lots of laughs. No surprises as far as my family is concerned!

Mom & her granddog

Basement Poker Tourney

Hubs and his chips

Dadyo's stackaroo

My girl, Montana

Typical Bean Face

Goldendoodle, Murphy, playing tug-a-war with Gator (100lbs vs 40lbs!)

We stuck around until about 1130p, then drove the half hour home, only to open MORE gifts from my parents and bros! Needless to say it was a late night. I did, however, score a bunch of running gear (including some Zensah compression socks, Lululemon gift certs/ arm warmers/ socks/ etc!), the David Gray CD, Eat Pray Love on DVD, jewelry (Kate Spade earrings and a Silpada cuff), a sweet popcorn popper from Sur La Table, a bunch of pictures/frames, and an amazing “beaver pelt” blanket from Restoration Hardware. We are so blessed (and once again,, spoiled!!).

New bone? Yes please!

Griffin & Allie

Hello Lover!

Today we spent drinking coffee and enjoying each other’s company (and our new prizes). We hit the road to Indiana around 230, and made a little pit stop at my grandmother’s house since we missed the Christmas Eve festivities on Friday. She was so so happy to see us and since she just lost her husband/ my grandfather a few weeks ago, she was/ is in a very fragile state. We chatted and visited for a short while, shed a few tears/ gave a lot of hugs, then got back on the road. Allie fell right asleep (on my lap of course) and just outside of Fort Wayne, we dropped her off with the in-laws since we are leaving for Florida tomorrow (!!!). Love having doggie-sitters close by.

Don't you just LOVE my new sweater?? Thanks Grange!!

So in summary, a fabulous and only mildly exhausting weekend was had. It actually worked out MUCH better than either of us had anticipated. And although I clearly would’ve enjoyed to spend more time at both homes, I am still grateful to even have these short moments with the ones I love. We love you all!!

As for tomorrow, please cross your fingers for no flight delays and an another amazing/ seamless trip with great friends. And since I don’t think I can realistically leave my new beloved MacBook Pro behind (fully equipped with a built-in SD card reader btw!!), I’m sure I will once again grace you with another blog post (must make up for my slacker tendencies, right? 😉 )

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and wishing yall a Happy New Year as well!!

Love, B

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