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Uncredentialed,, Still.


I’ve been “working” at my new job for just about 2 months now, and I think I really like it. I only think I like it because I’m truly not working yet. All I have been doing for the past couple months is shadowing the other Nurse Practitioner in my department all because of a little thing I like to call credentialing.

I’ve never known much about credentialing until getting this job (which, by the way, was back in August). When I accepted the job, I was told I would need to fill out some paperwork, which would then go to the credentialing specialists to be reviewed and verified. I was also warned that this process could take anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 months to complete (great). A week or so later, I received a giant, and I mean GIANT packet of paperwork in the mail. The types of things I needed to send in were copies of all my licenses (RN, NP, DEA, NPI, CSR), an extensive work history, and a claims review (kind of like a background check for healthcare providers). I made sure to take my time getting all the information together, which required a lot of phone calls/ emails/ money/ time. I got the paperwork sent in around the 3rd week in September and from then I waited,,,

And waited,,,

And waited,,,

And with everyday that went by, I looked a little more and more like this,,,


And finally, on the 3rd of January (yes, nearly 4 months later), I got word that the specialists had received my last outstanding item and could proceed. But that didn’t mean I could get to work!! Not so fast! First, my application needs to be taken to the monthly hospital meeting (2nd Fri of the month ~ aka tomorrow) and at that time it is determined if you/ I can get temporary privileges until the final meeting at the END of the month where they decide if you are approved. I know, right?! Absolutely ridiculous. Luckily I have been getting paid for all the shadowing I’ve been doing since November, so my time spent there hasn’t been a total waste.

The system and process is beyond my control, unfortunately. And I am honestly going quite nuts being just a “shadow” when I could be doing real work. But hopefully, come tomorrow, I will receive the news I’ve been waiting (and waiting) for and get to start working on Monday!! Cross your fingers!


On a happy note, I am uber-pumped about this upcoming weekend. After work tomorrow, I will be hitting the road (possibly avec Allie) to Michigan for the Kid Rock concert on Saturday! As you may or may not know, Kid is from Detroit and his 40th birthday is on the 15th (I think? Ha!). Therefore, he is having a major birthday bash/ concert extravaganza at Ford Field (home of the Lions!). I went to his concert a few years back at Comerica Park and it was unbelievable. So when I heard of this show, I was alllll over it. My mom of all people bought a ton of tickets, so there’s a huge group of us going together and it’s gonna be amazing. Yes, Kid Rock is an acquired taste, but honestly, if you have the chance to see him in concert (esp in Detroit), you will not be disappointed.

I leave you with a vid of his new song, Born Free, filmed exclusively in my home state of Michigan 🙂

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  1. 01/15/2011 5:54 am

    small world! I’ll be in Detroit later today too … but for the Wings game. after last night’s disappointing game, I think I’d rather go to the concert. 😉 have a blast!

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