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Happy Birthday Kid!


My name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddd!!!

What a fantastic weekend. Allie and I drove up to Michigan Friday night, getting into Troy around 9pm (dry roads, woo!). After arriving, Mom & I took a little trip up to Brio @ Somerset Mall for an after-hours happy hour – $2 apps and cheapo drinks. Since I hadn’t had dinner, I was all over it. We had a glass of red wine (our first drink of the new year, hooray!) and a cup of tomato bisque each (holy yum). I also ordered the spicy shrimp and eggplant dish, but after devouring my soup, I was beyond full. So I picked at the shrimp and called it a night!

The majority of Saturday day I spent solo while the rest of the fam was at work. My first stop was Hanson’s Running Shop for, you guessed it,,, new kicks!! I have been very much in the market for a new pair of running shoes lately so I was totally geeked. I walked out with a pair of  Saucony Kinvaras, which I believe are going to be unreal. I wanted a more minimalist shoe, and this was the closest I could find before manning up for a pair of VFF’s (maybe this spring). I then made another trip up to Somerset to hit up some of my favs,, Anthro, Lulu, and The Detroit Shoppe. After a quick visit to Five Star Lanes to see the fam, I was back @ home and gearing up for the big show!


My brother’s girlfriend, Samantha, brought her dog Chuck back to Troy for the weekend. It was the first meet-and-greet for Allie, Griffin & Chuck, so needless to say it was an eventful weekend. Check out the pics 🙂 (ps,,, have you ever tried to pose 3 dogs for a picture? do yourself a favor,, DON’T!!)

Small (Chuck), Medium (Griffin), & Large (Allie) - In no particular order!

Me and my Girl

All 7# of Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell

When playtime/ picture time was over, we packed up the Jeep and headed down to the D. The concert was at Ford Field, and the word on the street was that there were going to be upwards of 60,000 people at the show (!!!). In otherwords, craziness. We parked at Greektown Casino, met up with a few friends for a drink, then made the quick walk over to the stadium. The show was amazing, seriously. Beforehand, all the newspapers and radio stations were saying how there was going to be an unbelievable number of guest appearances. Well,,, here was the turnout: Uncle Kracker, Martina McBride, Rev Run, Peter Wolf (think 80’s song: Angel is a Centerfold), Sheryl Crow, and Anita Baker. Also randomly showing up were Cindy Crawford and her husband. We had such a blast. The proof is in the pics.

Michael & I @ Greektown

Mom, Auntie & I

Ricky & Dad rockin some Badass shirts/ beers



My Rockin' Fam (minus Bean)

Sunday was recovery day to say the least! I did manage to work in a 6 mile run with my running buddy, Michael. I always feel better after a good run, esp after a night of drinking. Guess it does a good job in the detox department! Mom whipped up some amazing french toast, gave me an early birthday present (yay Uggs!), and we were on our way home (after a stop at Baba’s). It was a long drive back to Muncie, but worth it for the fun times had. I love living close enough to be able to make these kinds of road trips every now and then. Hoping to get some visitors in the next few weeks,, I mean, someone’s birthday IS coming up after all!! 😛

xo, B


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  1. Nancy Kaminski permalink
    01/18/2011 11:49 am

    So happy you shared your weekend with us! It sounded like a fun visit, fam time and The Kid!

  2. Lora permalink
    01/18/2011 12:46 pm

    Bri! Looks like it was a blast. Congrats on Credentials!!! Finally 🙂

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