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For the Birds

I’m so antsy to get out of this house.
But I don’t know where to go.
1. To the gym to rock 6 miles on the dreadmill? (doesn’t open til noon)
2. Or to the streets to brave the sub-zero temps? (I’m afraid I’m not feeling hardcore enough today)
3. Scrap my long run and watch SATC reruns all day.
I’ve already cleaned house.
Laundry is in progress.
Coffee is down the hatch.

Morning staple

I’ve made a tasty breakfast, which is quickly wearing off.

Baked apple topped whole wheat waffle x 2

Maybe I should just go this route ,,,


I should be relishing in the relaxing nature of this Sunday morning,, but I’m going crraaaaayyyy-zeeeeee!!

Thank goodness we are heading to our friend’s house this afternoon for football and chili. I think I may just go mad sitting inside any longer 😛

I wish I could live Allie-style for just one day.

This is the life

The fact that WordPress is not editing my post the way I want it to is just adding fuel to the fire. Sorry it’s ugly.

Oh lookie, it’s 12:15. I’m going to run.

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