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So you may remember back in the day (or was it September?) I met a few cool peeps through my Twitter connections. We decided that it would be prudent to meet up (or is it tweet up?), have dinner and drinks, and just get to know each other. Well ,, little did we know what we thought would be a cordial event turned out to be something really great (ahem,, a sisterhood of the traveling pants).

Unfortunately, the second meet up in December took place without me because of my grandpa’s passing, but from what I had heard it was another success. So Mr. King took the liberty of arranging meet up #3 nice and far in advance. We were on our way to Recess.

Since Brad and I are Muncie-ites, we caravaned together and met up with Miss Mende in the “big city.”  We got there a little early so I was fortunate enough to enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to some “amazing” stories about Jabba the King, Cheetos, and a whole lot of nakedness (ha!!). Miss Meggie was MIA this evening as she decided to become good friends with Mr Influenza on her way home from Vegas (It’s okay, Meggie. We forgive you :))  Hopefully the 3-person trend doesn’t continue ,,, we need all four sisters next time!

So Recess ,, this place was so cool. From the second you walked in, you knew it was gonna be a good night. It’s this shoebox of a restaurant, in a little strip center on College Ave. But it’s cool! There are about 10 tables total (hence the need for a wayy early reservation) with a modern feel and each evening there is a specialized 4-course menu that everybody receives.

Tonight's Menu

(Sorry the menu is hard to see. I was kinda getting crap about my paparazzi camera so I pointed and shot quickly :P)

This evening we had to make only two choices. The first was for the first course, either a beef tenderloin dish or a sashimi to-do. I chose the sashimi while the other two went with the beef (again, I received more crap!). Amazing. Next came the seared black bass on top of potato pastrami hash (OMG), followed by pan roasted quail breasts with a little rye farinette on top of spicy mustard jus. Take a peek-see ,,


Then for the finale ,,, FRIED BREAD PUDDING.

Yes, that is a cup of butter.

We had never been so happy in our lives after those devouring those fried delights. Hands way down,, best dessert ever.

We spent over 3 hours at the restaurant and it went by in a flash. The courses were served so nicely spaced out that by time the next one was placed in front of you, you were hungry again. It’s the greatest concept and I will surely be back. My husband would love it.

I’m in agreement with this all the way ,,

Fact: The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants (#sotp) dinners are pretty much my favorite events of the month. Yes, you read the right. Shut up.


Next up,, Bonge’s!! Can’t wait friends 🙂


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