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Happy Groundhog/ Snow Day!


Well, we’ve survived the worst here in Central Indiana and I think things are finally looking up. The #snowpocalypse2011 seems to be peetering off and now we just have to deal with the nastiness Mother Nature has left us. Apparently she thinks we are capable of a lot, because it’s definitely been a trying past couple of days for us here in the Midwest.

Monday night we got our first round of ice. It was so creepy out, with the ice and “wintry mix” pelting the windows. Not something you normally hear in the middle of winter ~ I prefer the quiet snow. Tuesday morning’s commute into work wasn’t terrible, but I did have my hubby escort me to avoid any potential disaster since the roads were fairly slick. I ended up working a half day and then hit the road home before round 2 began that afternoon. The rest of the night was filled with more sleet, 30-40 mph winds and an overwhelming sense of impending doom. I had blankets, batteries, candles, full water bottles and a tub full of water  in preparation for any power outages that may have come our way. In 2005, there was a horrendous ice storm that hit Indiana, leaving residents powerless for nearly 5 days. I can’t even IMAGINE. I’m just praying the power lines stay up,, though this wind is making me a wee bit nervous.

2005 Ice Storm

This morning it was wayy too dangerous to drive to work, so the hubs and I are having a snow day at home since his office is also closed. have no desire to go anywhere but my couch today. Except for maybe a gym run later today if things clear up. Right now it is just windy with some flurries outside. We shall see. I’m feeling for everyone in Chicago, northern Indiana and Michigan who are under blizzard warnings. I just got this picture from my Dad in Michigan,, eek!

Nice Plowing Dad!

Anyhoo, I made a nice breakfast for the two of us this morning, watched a little Dexter and am now about to snuggle up with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. I do want to leave everyone with a scene from one of my all time favorite movies. Groundhog Day!! We used to watch this movie on repeat when we would take family road trips in our big conversion van back in the day 🙂 Makes me smile, and it’s very appropriate for today (weather-wise).

Enjoy your snow day!!


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  1. 02/02/2011 11:16 am

    I’m glad you’re surviving the storm! Can’t wait for spring, and Phil says it’s on its way too. Stay warm and safe

  2. 02/02/2011 7:50 pm

    That picture from your dad hits home! I think we’ve gotten more snow in Grand Rapids in the past 24 hours than we have all winter combined!

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