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Fell in love with a Blog


I’ve spent literally all morning working on giving my beloved Nurse with a Purse a makeover and I’m pretty sure I’m (finally) in love. It’s not easy trying to figure out what kind of page/ color/ layout you want to look at every time you blog, but I think I’ve done it. Neutral colors with a little kick. I’m especially loving all my picture collages, my personalized header, and my new photo page! Not to mention the cutesy little font I somehow got to work.

So,,,,  what do we think about the changes?? Love/ hate??

Now that I’ve taken care of the “important” stuff on my to-do list, it’s time to make something to eat and head to the gym. My National Half training took a major hit this week due to the wicked weather in Indiana (and everywhere). So I’m making a vow to make this upcoming week the best yet. My friend Mike flew into Germany this morning and messaged me telling me he just finished 4.5 miles (in shorts) on the Rhine. Jealous? You have no idea. At least the days are getting longer now. If only the ice would melt.

Ok yall! Have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday!! I’ll be tuning in for the commercials and halftime show 🙂

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