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Birthday Remix


Sorry for the lack of posts lately! It’s been a busy weekend/ week-beginning and I finally have a little downtime to put my events into print. Don’t get too excited.

My 29th birthday weekend turned out fantastic. The parents (& Griffy!) came down Saturday night to kick-off the celebrations. In my last post, I was waiting for my Daddy to get up and attem so we could hit the pavement together. Well, we eventually got out there, but only logged 4.5 miles instead of the 6 I had scheduled. But they were 4.5 miles of which I enjoyed every second. I l.o.v.e. running w/ my Dad. Even though he had to hang back for a lap or two since he is still getting over the flu. It’s cool, Dadyo, I forgive you. Mainly because you took pictures with me.

Blue Steel, Running Edition

After our run, I quickly got ready and Mom and I headed down to Keystone at the Crossing in Indy. We (I) did some may-jor damage, esp @ Anthropologie where I just HAD to use my 15% off birthday coup (if you don’t have an Anthro card, get one now because birthday coups come along with it!). And I couldn’t just buy rinky-dink things. No sir no mam,, I had to buy expensive things and A LOT of them. Ah well, it was my birthday,, I deserve to have fun every now and then 🙂 We hung out there most of the day while the guys hit a few golf balls and then drove down to meet us for dinner. We ended up at Cooper’s Hawk Winery &  Restaurant and it was tay-stee (not sure why I keep breaking down my words like that?). After din din we headed home for some dee-sert and a few prez-ants and called it a night.

[Mom,, send me your pics from your camera. I can’t steal them from FB!?]

The weekend went by wayyy too fast, as weekends usually do. Esp since the hubs and I both had to go back to work Monday morning. Luckily, Mom and Dad had time to swing by the hospital for a Subway lunch and a quick tour of my workplace before heading back to the mitten. Dad kept taking pics of me in my white coat at lunch. Proud Papa? I guess so! Love love love when they visit.

The past few days have been pretty uneventful besides a lot of studying/ cramming for my ACLS test, which I had and passed today, woo!! Have no fear,, now if you stop breathing or peace out on the sidewalk, just bring me a crash cart and I’ll be able to revive you on the spot! V-tach? No problem! A-fib? Piece of cake! Yeahhhhh 😛

Other happy news: Indiana had a little taste of spring today, look!

Not expecting this to last, but I’ll take it for now!

Time to wrap it up and nosh on some leftover bday cake! Toodles!

xo B

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