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Hip, Hip-Hop


Happy (belated) Easter! Hope everyone had a blessed weekend. We sure did!

The Good Friday workday came and went, and we took off for Michigan around 5p, getting into T-Town around 9p. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying each other’s company over wine and snacks. Ricky had driven in from Chicago earlier in the day too, so the whole gang was together again! Nothing beats family time.

The Aftermath

On Saturday the parents had to work most of the day, so I took advantage of my morning off and got some (much needed) beauty sleep. I spent the afternoon running a few errands, including a stop at the BME (best.mall.ever), aka Somerset Collection, followed up with a Mommy/Daughter mani pedi! I’m currently all perty in purple 🙂

Saturday evening concluded with a family dinner @ Maggiano’s, mmm! More wine, more laughs, more fun.

Easter Sunday started with an amazing 10 mile run with my best, Michael. We hit the streets early and rocked out one of our last long training runs before the Mini Marathon on 5/7. 10 miles in 1:34,, ain’t bad if I do say so myself!

Woop woop!

The rest of the afternoon was spent in preparation. Kitchen prep that is! I can’t (and won’t) take much credit cause the mastermind behind the meal was my Mama. But I did lend a hand on a few dishes 🙂

The Roast

Honey-glazed parsnip fries. My new fav!

Someone's jealllllloussss

Hard at work!

The boys,,, not so much.

Dining room

Our annual butter lamb!!



Ready to enjoy her creations!

After dinner/ the cleanup, we had some “famous” Indiana creme pie, which turned out to be fantastic. Not the prettiest (and actually dubbed the UPE [ugliest.pie.ever]). Seeing a family vocabulary trend??

&&& then,,, a photo shoot (chock full of bloopers!)

Then a few pre-birthday presents for the hubs!

A Golf Travel Bag, Wahoo!

Great weekend. Made for a rough Monday back at work. But I’m always happy to share such happy times with my blogger buddies. Hope yall’s weekend was just as great!! Looking forward to a good week, esp with the hubby’s birthday coming up on Thursday!

Til next time,,


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