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Monday Thoughts & Carmel Pics


Hi hi! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I wrapped mine up with an 8hr shift at my part time job yesterday (yes I still have it). My work day finished up nicely with a phone call from my manager telling me about the fabulous raise I would be getting — starting today! Yay for incentives! Too bad I’m not there more. We’ll see where the wind takes me.

After work and the hour drive home, I took my restless pup for an evening stroll since it was so beautiful outside and she was going stir-crazy being cooped up. My hubs was on call all weekend so between both of our absences, she turned into a nutball. I’m telling you, this dog has no fear. We live off a main road that is quite busy at times, and she will pull and pull me when she’s on her leash, and at times, charge right at oncoming traffic! No matter how much I scold her, she keeps going back for more. This is why she has received an invisible fence. She cannot be trusted. We had a nice stroll, walking past her doodle boyfriend down the street, then snuggled up on the couch for some carry out and a much needed brew.

Today was definitely a Monday. I intended to get in a nice early morning run (after being motivated from an awesome #runchat last night!), but when I awoke, I noticed it seemed to be awful light out for 5am. Turns out, my iPhone alarm had gone off, but these ears didn’t hear it, and it was actually 545a when I awoke. Aka not enough time for a run. Frustrated, I fell back asleep for another half hour, then got my aggravated butt up to get ready for work. I decided a Starbucks was in order (as it is on most Mondays), so I made a drive thru run, only to find out that they were out of soy! (Note: I don’t NEED soy milk, but I greatly enjoy soy milk, especially in my caffeinated bevs, so this was a total gut punch). When I got to the window, however, the girl waved her hand as I handed her my official Starbucks Gold Card, telling me that it was on the house today since they didn’t have what I wanted. Alright! That’s what I’m talking about. I’ll take a free $5 drink any day 😉

Work was fine. Started slow, ended late. Same ol’ stuff. Good news on the work front is that they’ve hired a new (and fabulous) NP for our department. That makes 3 of us, and what is bound to be a much nicer workload! Plus, once she’s on board, we are secretly hoping to do a little fenagling and get ourselves 4 10’s instead of 5 8’s. More on that later.

As soon as I stepped out of the hospital, I realized I HAD to run tonight. Not because of any schedule, but because it (again) was so beautiful outside. So I decided to run to the gym, do some weights there, and run home. A total of 4 miles, 2 there and back. Not a bad plan. Beats driving. On my way there, I passed two cute little blondes on the street corner selling lemonade. Their hand-made sign said “2 Quarters 4 Charity.” As I ran up, the older of the two said with a smile, “Hi! Would you like to buy some lemonade?” to which I replied, “Oh no! I don’t have any money on me! Are you going to be out here tomorrow?” to which she replied, “We’ll be here til about 7 o’clock tonight and then probably tomorrow too.” Then I inquired about the charity quip. Me: “What charity are you raising money for?” Blondie: “Well, half of the money is going to the Humane Society and the other half to Riley Children’s Hospital.” I wanted to melt right there. What a sweet notion that these two girls, who are no more than 5 and 10 years old, are already trying to raise money for charity. Now that I’m on the TNT Flex team, I’m so much more cognizant of these things. And can you imagine being on the receiving end of an envelope that hold a couple dollars? Precious. One thing is for sure, I will be getting myself some lemonade tomorrow and I will be bringing much more than 50 cents.

I came home from my run to an email that housed a link to my professional pics from the Carmel Half Marathon this past Saturday. Oy vey. Between the fake smiles and the looks of utter exhaustion, these are some pics for the books. At least my outfit was legit. Right, Michael?

I'm such a faker

I'm dying. Where's the finish line?

Stellar, eh?? Nite yall 🙂

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  1. 06/13/2011 9:27 pm

    I know what you mean…since joining Team in Training I am constantly donating money to people who are collecting at supermarkets, or kids selling lemonade. Hard not to!

  2. 06/15/2011 11:55 pm

    Your shoes are fantastic!

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