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Abbreviations and Perspective


I find myself longing for FRI the second SUN night rolls around. It’s a terrible habit, but now that I’ve joined the M-F workforce, I want my weekends to come ASAP. And to stay forever.

This work week was better than the last few, though still significantly busy. And the patients that have been coming in don’t just have ear infections (AOM). They. Are. Sick. Feeding tube (PEG), respiratory failure (ARF), metastatic cancer (CA), druggies (OD), septic (AMS), I-Need-TLC sick. I admitted a 60-year-old male on MON with metastatic breast cancer (yes, men can get it too), and the poor man is just not well. He’s in liver failure (elevated LFTs), malnourished (on TPN), and has mets to the brain. He is waiting for radiation therapy, though the probability of it giving him a better QOL (quality of life) is not good. He’s 60. & his wife has never left his side. I’m continually amazed at her strength. I would be balled up in the corner if that was my husband.

Another lady I admitted today has small cell lung cancer (SCLC) with mets to the bone and brain. She came to the ER this morning with SOB (shortness of breath) and was found to have a PE (pulmonary embolism, blood clot in the lung). She was just discharged on TUE with SVT (supraventricular tachycardia). Can’t she catch a break??

I most definitely get frustrated at the “bogus” admits and transfers from outside facilities, questioning why they really need to be transferred (usually it’s for specialty consultation, i.e. nephrology, cardiology, etc). But the patients that come in with terminal illnesses and just continually have issue after issue truly break my heart. It’s basic survival. They are POW to their illness. They can’t go MIA. Or else they’ll be D-U-N, done.

People like my patients from this week remind me of why I joined TNT (Team in Training). Not only to raise awareness, but to  raise money for a cure. Money –> answers. And answers –> lives saved. My grandma had NHL (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and she was an absolute GEM (bright, shiny object). I credit so much of who I am today to her. So, raising money for LLS (Leukemia Lymphoma Society) is the least I can do to pay her back. I’m sure she’ll send me some love after completing 26.2 miles! 😉

My new running motto: Grandma never gave up!

[By the way, have you checked out my fundraising page??]

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, so take advantage of today. I took that lesson away from this week. So I shall adhere and enjoy this entire weekend I’ve been so looking forward to since SUN 🙂

My fav song from this past week is nice and relevant to all of the above: I Won’t Back Down.

The Voice – The Finals: Dia and Blake Sing “I Won’t Back Down” – Video –

Happy 4th every1!


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