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Proposal Recap: 7.7.07


The day started like any other, though it was a day that had been in the works for many weeks (and come to find out a little later, many months).

My cousin, then-boyfriend/ now-husband and I had been planning a BBQ on 7.7.07 for all of our close family and friends. We thought it would be a fun day (purely based on numbers) to have a little celebration and finally allow mine and my bf’s parents to meet (only 3 years later, no big). After invitations and lots of preparations, the day had finally arrived. It was a hot one, mid-80’s by 9am when the setup began.

The bf had been unusually calm, cool and collected all morning despite my anxiety about getting everything done in time. Decorations to setup, beer to buy, and food to prepare. Oy! My cousin and I were outside stringing lights on the deck when th bf stuck his head out of the door and summoned me inside. I admit to being slightly irritated as we still had a lot to do. But I obeyed. I was sweating bullets anyways. A little a/c would be nice.

I walked into the kitchen and the bf motions to a bowl of fruit and says, “Do you want some watermelon?” Confused (and thinking to myself, ‘did you really call me inside for this??’) I said, “Sure.” He smiles and says, “Can you grab me a fork?” Even more confused, I took a few steps to my right and pulled open the silverware drawer.

And there it sat. Properly perched atop the eating utensils.

A little black box. The kind in which rings are usually stored.

I saw it, immediately pretended not to, grabbed a fork, and slammed the drawer.

“Here ya go,” I said nonchalantly, handing the fork over.

Another smile escapes his lips. “Did you see something else in there?”

“Maybe,,,” I squeaked.

“Look again,” he says, still smiling (that son of a B).

Once again, I obeyed. I reopened the drawer, grabbed the box, turned around and found him down on one knee.

“You are NOT doing this! You are NOT doing this!” I cried hysterically.

And then the speech began.

“Briana Marie Moceri,,, [blah, blah, blah] ,,, will you marry me?”


The bling!

After the initial shock wore off, I ran outside to tell my cousin, who was standing there crying (though now looking back definitely could’ve been beads of sweat. Holy hell it was hot out!). She had been part of the secret ring shopping brigade and had been just dying inside. Secrets are not something we do well. Though she did good this time 😉

I called the parents shortly thereafter and found out that my now-fiance had already gotten permission from my dad earlier that week. Cue the heart-melting. My mom, however, had been kept in the dark and was as surprised as I was, though she kept saying to my dad, “I knew it!! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!”

Hilarious how it worked out that I was actually planning my own engagement party the entire time. I had had some fleeting thoughts a few weeks earlier about the possibility of him proposing at the BBQ and even brought it up to my cousin. She promptly rejected the idea, saying he was too much of a private person to be making a public display in front of everyone. I agreed. And I was fooled.

The party turned out fantastically. We had great friends, great food, and a great occasion that we were able to celebrate with the ones we love.

Who bought that cake?? How did they know?! 😉

We're engaged!!

Flashing the rock

Colleen, Samantha & I

My best guys, take 1 (ignore the camera date - I swear it was 7.7.07)

My best guys, take 2

Cutting our cake

Isn't she a beaut?

S & the Indy boys


Mama's girl is growing up!

A day I’ll never forget. Can’t even believe it’s been 4 years. Love you babe!! 🙂

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  1. 07/07/2011 7:12 pm

    Great story!!!! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful ring!

  2. 07/07/2011 7:27 pm

    What a cute story!! I love the ring, and cake!

  3. Lora S permalink
    07/07/2011 9:41 pm

    Awesome story, Bri! Very romantic 🙂
    How funny that you were planning your own engagement party!

  4. 07/08/2011 2:51 pm

    This is so wonderful! You and your ring are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Nancy Kaminski permalink
    07/08/2011 10:24 pm

    I remember hearing some of the story before, but thanx for the romantic details!!! You two were made for each other!! I often think of your wedding, but particularly when I hear Rascal Flatts “God Bless the Broken Road”. Thanx for sharing, Bri. Love Ya, Nancy

  6. 07/11/2011 4:41 pm

    Happy belated engage-aversary!

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