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2011 Indianwood Invitational


My husband and daddy are bros.

The hubs was invited to participate in the Member-Guest Invitational at Indianwood Golf & Country Club this year. Four days, 18 holes a day, unlimited food and bevs. A golfers dream. Of course he accepted, so he and my furbaby have been in Michigan since Tuesday night schmoozing with my fam. I joined him Friday night after my hellish work week concluded.

Saturday started with Cora’s bridal shower, followed up with a trip to Somerset, and ended with the annual Invitational Banquet!

Prettied up and ready!

We got to the club early to claim an outside table since the scenery is gorg. Sitting outside is normally not a problem, in fact it’s preferred ~~ except when it’s 90+ degrees out. Tonight, outside = schweaty.


We easily found a way to keep cool. It’s called ice in drinks 😎

We shared lots of laughs with family and friends.

Enjoyed some delicious food.

And took some GREAT pictures!


After dinner, we moved the party to the pool area where there was some musical entertainment. Auntie Paula and I dipped our toes in the water to cool off and continued to enjoy each other’s company.

The guys may not have won a Piper trophy this year, but we sure celebrated like they won 1st place.

Hubs says he needs to practice more so they can win next year. Practice MORE?? Is that even possible??! My response: buy me a set of clubs, set me up with lessons, and then I’ll consider letting you 🙂

Question: Are any of you big golfers? Do you actually enjoy it or lack the patience to be successful (like I anticipate happening to myself)? Tips/ comments PLEASE!

Happy Sunday! Stay cool! I’m heading to the treadmill because of a little something I call: WUSSINESS. Hey, I have reason.

No thanks long run!

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