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Stories of an NP


This week at work:

  • I did an average of 3 admissions per day. At 60-90 minutes per admit, that consumes approx. (60 x 3 = 180 + 90 x 3 = 270),, carry the two, divide by 3, times 5 days. Oh forget it. It’s just a lot of time. It’s Friday. My brain is mush. 
  • I was told “Right On” by the cutest little 86 year old man. Made my day. I wanted to squeeze his saggy cheeks.
  • I consumed approximately 5 16-oz cups of coffee. And a Mean Bean Monster. Oh, and a venti iced soy latte. Proof: check my 4square checkins here.
  • I carried the call beeper x 1 day. The torture involved in this responsibility is beyond all comprehension. Doctors calling from outside facilities wanting to transfer sick patients in. Plus ER physicians with train wrecks of their own who need to be admitted. Not to mention handling endless phone calls and the tedious reviewing of paperwork and outside labs. Then distributing the patients to the already overloaded docs. Ugh. Hate being the messenger.
  • I ate Subway twice. Our hospital has a built-in restaurant that I’m obsessed with. I try and limit myself to one dine-in per week, but this week I splurged.
    • Favorite sub: 6″ veggie on wheat. Ingredients: pepperjack cheese, spinach, tomato, onion, yellow/green/jalapeno peppers, light mayo + salt n pepa
    • Favorite pizza (yes they have pizzas and if you haven’t tried one yet you’re silly): spinach, yellow/green/jalapeno peppers, onions, parm + oregano
  • My fellow NP came back to work after 7 days off. I’m so glad she had fun in Florida, but boy did I miss her while she was away. Its not easy handling 5 doctors all by ones self. Plus, the hubs missed his golfing buddy. Now we can all be happy.
  • I admitted a patient and not two hours later was receiving a phone call from the doctor telling me she had passed away.
  • I dictated my first death summary.
  • I took pictures in the bathroom. Hey, sometimes I like my work outfits. And it’s proof I actually work!
  • I dealt with various diagnoses: CHF, COPD, pneumonia, pulmonary emboli, atrial fibrillation, renal failure, cancer, stroke/ TIA, chest pain, diverticulitis.
  • I did not admit one patient with heat stroke. I’m surprised myself.
  • I had a number of patients who were FOS. Literally and figuratively. Look it up.
  • I was told I was awesome. By a patient. Score! Guess I am appreciated sometimes!
  • I was wishing for it to be Friday as soon as Monday morning rolled around. & it’s FINALLY here!! 🙂

And as another weekend approaches, I am once again getting myself ready for another weekend away. No wonder I have been so tired lately. I think I’m wayyy overdue for a restful weekend at home. Buttt, we agreed quite some time ago to go to Chicago with friends for a Cubs game Saturday afternoon. So come 7am, our butts will be back on the road north. I do love Chicago, and am looking forward to spending some QT with the hubs. But I gotta say, I can’t wait for the next two weekends at home with nothing to do. I just hope I have some energy for a long Lakeshore run on Sunday morn!

Have a great weekend and relax some for me! 😉

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  1. 07/22/2011 6:34 pm

    Seriously, these posts make my day! Might make me miss you more tho, who woulda thought that was possible? xo

  2. Rick permalink
    07/25/2011 11:15 pm

    You are so good at this blog thing. Who would ever think following someone’s everyday life could be so appealing? Your passion is truly captivating. I look forward to seeing thru your eyes and be inspired to really feel life like you do. I love you, Did

  3. 07/28/2011 10:06 am

    Love the window into NP life. It’s just the thing to read as a nursing student!

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