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Cubbies & My Longest Run


My Saturday started a lil something like this:

Iced coffee 2 go

The hubs and I were on the road by 7, met up at Brad & Lesley’s in Fishers by 8, and were on the road to Chi just before 830. Yes, I clearly can’t get enough of this city. It’s my third time there this year and second in the past two weeks. And I will be back in about 3 weeks for the RNR Chicago Half Marathon and then again in October for the BOA Mary. (Read my other recent Chi recaps here & here.)

We pulled into the city around 11a CST and met up with Brad & Lesley’s friend, Ben, who graciously offered up his beautiful abode for us to stay for the night. I immediately texted Ricky and told him he needs to hook himself up with one of these condos. They are all so amazingly unique. He said once he makes a mil, he’ll be all over it. Anytime now, bud! 😉

Front/ Kitchen

Shortly after arrival, we jumped on the CTA, met up with a few other peeps, then walked on over to Wrigley Field.

The storms that were slotted to hit Chicago decided to head another direction so we ended up with a glorious afternoon! Made even more glorious by the ice cold brews 🙂

A little Spartan love in Chi??

Great seats


A nice lil lady came by to take our pictures for the Cubs website. Not bad!

More fun.

The Cubs ended up beating the Astros 5-1, which meant we got to hear my husband’s favorite song ever!

Post-win photo-ops:

Unfortunately, Brad had to take Lesley back to the condo because she still wasn’t feeling well after her jaw surgery the day before. I gotta give it to the girl though. She was a trooper for coming out despite being on antibiotics, pain meds and muscle relaxants. She rested up the rest of the day while I tagged along with the boys.

We stopped by Ben’s brother Dan’s place for a little downtime after the game. While we were there, we met his new puppy, Lucy, who was the cutest thing next to our own Allie. And we couldn’t get over how much they looked alike!

We stopped by a house party for a few minutes just to show face, then headed off to Will’s Northwood Inn where we lunched, beveraged, and played some competitive darts. The hubs & I were victorious more often than not, but as the beers continued, our winning streak went ka-put.

I also posed with a moose. Standard.

After a quick wardrobe change, we ended the night at Mulligan’s Public House. It wasn’t long before we all crashed. A full day of drinking and sunshine will do that to ya.


Sunday morning we awoke to a thunderstorm. On one hand, it made me happy because I love a good rainy Sunday. But on the other hand, it agitated me because I had been hoping for a long run on Lakeshore. I had 14 miles to run and my training this week has been somewhat lack-luster given the heat wave. I quickly got over it.

Instead, we ended up brunching at Kitsch’n on Roscoe before hitting the road home.


I loved the atmosphere of this place. Retro, diner-style, throwbacks galore. I couldn’t put my camera down. Oh, and I even saw Girl Talk up on a shelf. Bestill my heart.

My meal was nothing short of amazing: Candied Bacon Brunch BLT. My plate was cleared. It took all of me not to lick it in public.

Plus a vat of coffee in this gem of a mug.

Right on

With full bellies, we hit the road home. Bye bye, Chicago! Til next time (ahem, 3 weeks).

My Longest Run

I had written off the possibility of a long run until I got in the car and knew that I couldn’t NOT at least try. The rain had started to clear and the temps had dropped to a less miserable degree. So as soon as we pulled in the drive, I started gearing up.

SpiBelt, check. iPhone, check. Garmin, check. Body Glide, check. Hat in case of rain, check. Mid-run snack, check. Water bottle, fail (how can we be out of water bottles?!).

I downed one of these before I headed out the door:

Pre-Run Smiles

The first few miles went well. It was humid since it rained earlier and the ground was steamy. AKA. lots of sweat in the eyeballs.

I stopped around mile 5 to have a little snack.

"I can't stop, it stings."

The next few miles were fairly uneventful. I could see the clouds rolling in and figured it was only a matter of time before the rain came. And just as I was hitting mile 9, BOOM. Down it came. I quickly made sure my iPhone was tucked away safely and proceeded to run. The rain actually felt amazing. It came at a perfect time as it helped wash away some of the sweat. But the thrill quickly died down after I started sloshing around in puddles, which caused my feet to get totally water-logged. I could only laugh as cars drove by. I can imagine what they were thinking as they watched this chick who was completely soaked to the bone continuing to run on. Yep, my friends [pointing to myself],, a sign of a true runner right there.

The rain died down around mile 11, and just as it did, the humidity kicked right back in with full force. I told myself around mile 10 that I was going to make this run my longest ever, and that gave me the drive to continue on. I even had to run PAST my house to complete my last mile. Talk about torture.



I literally had to peel my clothes off tonight. Ewie stewie. But after some scrambled eggs, about 5 glasses of H20, and a lovely plate of cukes cut up by the hubs, I’m resting comfortably and oh so ready for bed. I’m proud of myself for making my long run a priority tonight, when I could’ve easily plopped on the couch and rotted. Go me 🙂

& whyyyy does it have to be Sunday night already??? At least it was a great weekend.


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  1. 07/25/2011 1:45 am

    love that hat of yours–you look great in it!

  2. 07/25/2011 6:59 am

    Thanks girl! I’m kind of in love with it.

  3. 07/28/2011 8:24 pm

    YAY for long runs!!! It’s always such a rush to hit a mile marker that’s new, relish in the feeling 🙂

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