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Easy Sunday


Weekend wrap-up time. Here we go.

  • I really liked getting my long run in on Saturday morning this week. Early on in my training, I decided to make Sunday my long run day since most of my races were falling on Sunday. No brainer, right? Plus that way, I could sleep in on Saturday, which I look forward to every darn weekend. It’s worked out good so far. However, after yesterday’s run, my mind started to wander. The feeling of getting that run over with earlier in the weekend was so refreshing. I had an entire day and a half to recover and do whatever else I want, without having the thought of a tretcherous/ possibly painful run looming overhead. I’ve come to realize that marathon training is a giant commitment. I’m sacrificing at least one night per weekend in order to properly fuel and rest up. Like this weekend, I passed up a chance to go to the Indianapolis Indians game on Friday in order to get some z’s for my 430a wake up call on Saturday. Not a big deal, but a bummer at the same time. Most of the time I’m happy to pass on extracurriculars. I’m definitely a home-body. Plus lucky for me I don’t live in a very happening town. In any event, 9 more weeks to go until 10.9.11. And my Sunday this week was as easy as it gets.
  • I’m getting a little nervous about my fundraising. Right now, my fundraising page has my total earnings at $2,275. Add an additional $300 or so that I still have to mail in and that puts me about $1,000 away from my goal. Ultimately, I’d like to raise $4,000, but $3,500 is the minimum. I still want to donate myself, but would like to get to my minimum before doing so. I’m trying to think of ways to do an [easy] little fundraiser, but I’m having some troubles. Most of it falls on the fact that I don’t have a ton of time to give. I was thinking of doing a bowling fundraiser like my Mom and I did for the 3-Day back in 2006, but that requires planning, invites, and at least an entire weekend in Michigan. Plus most of my family and friends from up there have already donated. I also thought about brining candy or some other sort of trinket to work and asking for donations from some of the doctors/ staff I work with. I’m just not sure about the response I’ll get. I shouldn’t be such a chicken but I am. Asking for money just isn’t my gig. Does anyone have any ideas for fundraising?? How have you raised money in the past?
  • In other exciting news, my trip to Keystone today was fantastic. It’s definitely been a long time without any retail therapy ~ and boy, did I make up for my absence today 😉 It’s either a total success or a total fail for me most days. And today was the former. New work gear from Ann Taylor, biscuit cutters from Williams Sonoma, goodies from Vickie’s, and a top from Nordstrom. Annnnndddd,,, Lululemon!! It’s finally open!
The store is gorg. I was in the market for some new gear for my upcoming races, so in I went. Not like I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m always a nutball when it comes to this store. But rightfully so. I’m all about spending obscene amounts of money for pretty clothes I’m just gonna sweat in. Makes perfect sense. Plus, the dressing room was plush.

I followed up my mall adventures with a trip to Trader Joe’s. I did pretty good up in there too.

  • In follow up to the above grocery store score, I must ask a question. Do you ever feel like you have absolutely no food in your house but the second you try and stuff more stuff into your fridge/ pantry, you realize that you DO in fact have plenty of food. Today as I was unloading my goods, I found obscene amounts of frozen goods that I had completely forgotten about. As a result, I am making this week Eat What You’ve Got Week. No more eating out. It’s time to attend to the money I’ve already spent and get eating!!

Time to take the pups for a stroll. It’s hard to resist this face.

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  1. Lisa Quick permalink
    08/08/2011 3:09 pm

    Bri I truly love reading your stories! I’m so happy things are going good for you:)
    Love, Lisa

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