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Anny Number Three


Our third anniversary fell on a Tuesday this year. The fact that we both had to work all day combined with the lack of “nice” restaurants in our current hometown convinced us to move our actual anniversary date to the weekend. So on actual anniversary day, we made things casual.

Last year, I bought the hubs some golf-related items and the year before was a wallet and other goods. We haven’t been very faithful to the “traditional” gift idea, but I touched on it a little more this year than in the past.

This year was another smorgasbord of items: First, a monogrammed leather man bag (aka. toiletry bag, though that sounds far too girly). I love Personalization Mall. They have the greatest gift ideas and ship super quickly. Inside the bag, he found some Burberry cologne and a little blue box wrapped in a big white bow (gasp!). I decided he was in need of some pretty silver cuff links, so I took to the best jewelry store ever for my purchase. Lastly, a shirt with french cuffs to display his new goods. Happy husband!

My turn! We started with this:

And ended with this 🙂

A gorgeous Coach purse. Now THAT’S what leather looks like!! I absolutely love it. Plus he gave me one of these cards, which make me melt everytime. Dang you, Hallmark.

The hubs then informed me that he would be (finally) be buying me my own set of golf clubs! Now when partaking in his #1 obsession, he can incorporate his other 😉

We decided we needed to get something to eat and since I had no desire to cook, we headed to Cammack Station for a quick bite.

A fun, funky little diner was the perfect place for dinner. I can’t believe it’s right around the corner from our house and we’d never been before. It’s such a cool atmosphere. Neon galore. Even an ice cream bar. The hubs had a chicken taco burger and I opted for the rueben. I had an old school red creme soda, taking me right back to the 50’s. All I was missing was my poodle skirt.

And appropriately enough, there were newlyweds having a little photog session outside during our meal.

Saturday night, we headed down to Indy for our official anniversary dinner date. After consultation with a good friend, we decided to go to old Italy in the form of Capri Ristorante. Nothing says love more than heavy amounts of carbs and good wine.

But before dinner, we made a pit stop at hubs heaven GolfSmith to pick up the other half of my gift! We walked out with one of those pre-packaged sets of clubs, bag included. Can I just say that I’m already excited to get started? New shoes, argyle, golf skirts, pink balls?? AND my own rescue club?! Eeee! Can’t wait to hit the range later! I’ll no doubt be a s***show in the making 😉

My sources were correct on the rest of the evening. Capri was very authentic from the second you were greeted by the Italian men at the door. Dark and cozy, with artwork and bottles upon bottles of wine lining the walls. A definite old school, loungey feel. The only downfall I could mention was the staffing. Our poor waiter was in charge of way too many tables, limiting the amount of interaction and consultation that would’ve been nice at a new restaurant. Luckily, we weren’t in any hurry so the lack of attention was okay.

We started things off with a celebratory toast and then got right to work on our meal. Bread and butter followed by an app of proscuitto and melon. Why does this combo work so well? I’ll never understand.

Dinner for me was pumpkin ravioli in a duck ragu sauce. The waiter had me at pumpkin. The dish definitely did not disappoint.

The hubs opted for good ol’ spaghetti and meatballs. Not amazing, but tasty once smothered with cheese. We boxed up the last 1/4 of our meals in order to save room for dessert. We decided to splurge on spumoni, but I definitely also ordered a canoli to go. Mangia!

With full bellies we hit the road back home. A great night to celebrate a great marriage. I do love this man more than I ever thought possible. Wonder what’s up next on our journey?! 😉

Happy Sunday! xo

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  1. Christie permalink
    08/28/2011 11:49 am

    That Coach purse is AMAZING. Good job Mr. Cook! 🙂

    • 08/28/2011 10:01 pm

      I can’t deny his bag-choosing skills! Guess he knew that this Nurse w/ a Purse needed good material 🙂

  2. 08/28/2011 1:12 pm

    look at the purse. wow. you are lucky girl 🙂 (and loved!)

  3. 08/28/2011 1:58 pm

    Ya’ll are so cute! LOVEEEE the Coach purse 🙂 he did good! Happy Anniversary!

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